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Live Casinos is on a mission to find the best live gaming sites in Ireland. Our goal is to provide you with world-class reviews and recommendations so you can make informed gambling decisions. Instead of testing out every service provider individually, you can view our lists and head straight through to your live casino of choice – only the best, according to the criteria that you value most. Here, you will find;

(and counting)

Our unbiased industry experts look at a whole host of factors. In addition to real play and their personal experiences (opinions), they also take a number of criteria, statistics and analytics into account. They also consider reviews from customers just like you. This quantitative and qualitative approach allows us to provide the most comprehensive analyse possible to bring you the very best in Irish Live Casino action!

Why Live Casinos?

So, why would you choose Live Casinos over other forms of online gaming, or real-life gambling for that matter?

Well, online casinos offer unparalleled convenience and flexibility. While physical casinos are bound by physical limitations, gambling sites can be played anytime and from anywhere. There’s no commuting, closing times or distractions. It’s just you and your favourite game. But some people miss the ambience and live action of a real-life casino. Luckily this can be replicated with Live Dealer functionality. That’s right, you can play table and card games against real people, with real dealers – simply stream in and enjoy the action. Furthermore, by basing your decisions and strategies on actual happenings, there is a greater sense of fairness and transparency, as opposed to the random number generators and algorithms that govern other online casino games.

Live Casinos truly offer the best of both worlds…

Why Use Reviews at All (instead of playing)?

You may also be asking yourself, “can’t I just play at live casinos myself to find the best ones”? The short answer is no…

If you were to play at every live casino in Ireland, it would take an enormous amount of time, effort and money. They’re so many sites out there that distinguishing the good from the bad is a full-time job. It also can’t be done by one person in the kind of detail that it requires – we not only physically play at the casino (with real money), but look at its analytics, statistics and other customer reviews. This way, our recommendations are both statistically significant (accurate) and include highly personalised experiences. In addition to this, most online casinos require you to deposit money before you’re allowed to play. Thus, doing this for every service provider in Ireland would cost thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of Euros.

Why Choose Us?

There’re a few things that make us a cut above our competitors. Firstly, our reviews look at a number of important criteria. You can filter results by category to find the criteria that are most applicable to you. So, whether you value the biggest selection of games, or the best casino bonuses, you’re sorted! In addition to the usual criteria (e.g. number of games on offer), we also look at some highly unusual statistics, such as on-site user behaviour. We also consider your opinions – looking at a number of other online reviews, as well as giving you the opportunity to vote and comment on our selections. Furthermore, our recommendations are supplied by unbiased industry experts to bring you honest, reliable and high-quality assessments. In summary, our reviews are best because;

  1. We Look at Criteria You Value Most
  2. We Look at Some Unusual Stats too
  3. Live Casinos are Reviewed by Industry Experts
  4. Our Industry Experts Are Unbiased 
  5. We Take Your Opinions into Account (+ you can vote)

Looking at things in more detail…

1. We Look at Criteria You Value Most

We have compiled a list of the live casino features that you value most. This ranges from website and navigation issues (e.g. how easy is it to place a bet?), through to online security, secure payments and customer support. Other major concerns are the number and variety of games on offer, as well as their quality. We ask ourselves; did I find the game I was looking for? Am I enjoying it? Are the live dealers professional and entertaining? Is gaming fair and transparent? You can find a full list of our criteria here.

Our reviews are then categorised by these criteria. This way, you can view not only the best sites in general, but also the best new, best bonuses and best game selections at live casinos. You can easily find the service providers that best suit your needs…

2. We Look at Some Unusual Stats & Criteria

While most of our competitors base their reviews off common criteria and personal opinions, we also use some unique data to drive our decisions. 

Analytics can provide information on online behaviour to help us better understand how customers interact and complete transactions on various websites. Metrics, such as bounce rates, pages viewed and time spent on site are looked at. Heatmaps, elements clicked on and conversions show engagement. Gambling sites that have more activity – longer times on page, more bets placed, etc. – are generally better quality (and/or have a better product offering).

This data is compiled and used in conjunction with other elements to provide a comprehensive analysis. The analytics is deduced using various online tools. Unlike personal reviews, it is not subject to bias or opinion, so can offer statistical significance to our recommendations.

3. Live Casinos are Reviewed by Industry Experts

Along with data and common criteria, live casinos are reviewed by only the best casino experts in Ireland. They’re highly qualified individuals who have spent years and years within the gambling industry. They know the ins and outs of live casino sites – how they work, how they should work and when service providers are being deceptive. They’re able to see when certain things have been skimped on, quality compromised and bad incentives given. We read the fine print!

They know a good site when they see one, as well as offers that are fair, transparent and valuable to customers. Our casino experts open accounts, deposit money and play for real at all the live casinos that they review. With their keen eye, they can offer real, reliable analyses and recommendations – all according to a set of stringent processes and criteria (while being backed up by data).

4. Our Industry Experts Are Unbiased

In addition to providing real life, qualified reviews, our industry experts are also unbiased in their approach. While many of our competitors are driven by inside interests and monetary incentives from service providers, we vow not to do this. Most review sites cannot be trusted, but ours is truly unique in this regard. If you feel that we have not lived up to this standard, you can contact us on livecasinos.ie@gmail.com.

Our goal is to bring you only the best, most reliable and honest recommendations of live casinos in Ireland. Not only is this our promise to you, but all our analyses and even opinions are supported by data. We reference other online reviews and online behaviour metrics to provide an unparalleled level of statistical significance and objectivity. 

5. We Take Your Reviews & Opinions into Account

While compiling our reviews, we also look at other online ratings throughout the web. From this, we can deduce an average star rating – this gives personal reviews a quantitative element. But we also keep note of individual reviews, to give our recommendations a qualitative quality – you won’t lose that personal touch. In fact, you can click on your live casino of choice to read other reviews from customers just like you (there’s also data provided on how we calculated our average star rating). You can even scroll through direct quotes to get a quick view on the opinions of others.

See some here;

We also give YOU the ability to rate and comment on our reviews. Not only does this this offer invaluable feedback, but it is further factored into our recommendations. Nothing is more important to us than you and your experiences. Afterall, our goal is to help you to find the best possible live casino for you… Entertainment and winning moments await.

Our Promise to You

We promise to bring you only the best, most reliable, honest and interesting reviews of live casinos in Ireland. With this in mind, we encourage you to check out our lists, filter by category and read our reviews. With our stringent judgement criteria and data collection methods in mind, we’re curious if you managed to find your dream service provider? Give our casinos a thumbs up or thumbs down to further aid customers just like you!