When it comes to online gambling, there are so many exciting gaming options available to enjoy. For those who prefer skill-based entertainment, there are engaging card games like poker and blackjack, but for those who just want to relax and try their luck on easy-going games, there is a selection of special number oriented games to choose from to suit your needs.

Bingo is a gaming favourite world-wide. The simplicity of the gameplay mixed with the immersive social aspect of the action makes for great entertainment, even when played in the online sphere. It’s super-easy to learn and can be very rewarding when you play the right game options, of which there are plenty.

In certain countries, globally, bingo has remained perfectly legal despite strict gambling laws. It provides the perfect conduit for charity-driven organisations to raise funds for their operations. It is for this reason that Bingo has been stereotyped as a game for the elderly, as retirement homes take advantage of its qualities to fund-raise for the health and well-being of its people. In truth, Bingo is a fabulous game for players of all ages to enjoy and is now widely available thanks to its convenient online presence.

Read up on all you need to know about the game, including how to play it, and where to find the safest and most responsible online options in Ireland.

What is online bingo?

Bingo is an exciting and entertaining number game and is often likened to lotto or keno, though it plays out a little differently. Instead of choosing a selection of lucky winning numbers, you buy charts with numbered grids already printed on them. The setup of the grids can differ from game to game, based on the number of balls used to produce the outcomes:

  • 90 Ball Bingo: Usually includes 15 numbers over 3 rows
  • 80 Ball Bingo: This is usually 16 numbers arranged in a square
  • 75 Ball Bingo: This is usually 24 numbers laid out in a square with a blank square (free zone) in the middle.

In some of the more traditional games, the grid is labelled under the 5 letters ‘’B-I-N-G-O’’.

The aim of the game is to match the winning numbers generated by the game with the lucky ones on your cards. The first one to fill a grid or complete a line or associated pattern calls “Bingo” and wins the awesome prize reward for that round. Online, there is no need to call the word itself, as the interface picks up on your streak and awards you with the win automatically.

Where can I play the best online bingo games?

There are a number of online casino sites that offer exciting bingo games. Unlike other chance-based online options like slots, scratch card games, or keno, bingo is usually played in online bingo rooms. The reason for this is that game requires that you play along with other players in the bid to get to BINGO first and win the round.

It is for this reason that it is advisable to  have a good understanding of the game and how to play it prior to entering one of these gaming environments.

What are the best online bingo sites?

Aside from playing bingo at online casinos, there are a good few dedicated online bingo sites that offer the Irish a great opportunity include:

  • PaddyPower Bingo
  • BlightyBingo
  • Yay Bingo
  • Robin Hood Bingo

All of the above sites are well licensed and follow responsible gambling guidelines.

What are the differences between live bingo and online bingo?

Most people are familiar with live bingo and perhaps you have even played the social game at a real bingo hall in the past. There are some differences between playing in the live environment and the online environment. These include:

  • The Convenience Factor: You can play online bingo whenever you want to, as these virtual rooms run new rounds every few minutes, 24 hours a day. You can also play as little or as much as you want to play without restriction.
  • The Social Element: Playing at bingo hauls is lively and sociable, as there are usually decent crowds in the place, all vying for the win. Fortunately, online bingo can also be sociable as players can often converse with each other via a chat portal on the advanced gaming interface.
  • The Prizes and Jackpots: Online games generally have much higher prize pools because there are usually more people playing the enjoyable sessions.
  • Entry Fee: When playing online, you can conveniently choose games to suit your budget. You can buy cards for low prices or enjoy high-stakes offerings if you so choose.
  • Game Variety: In the online space, there is a wealth of diversity available in the type of games you play. Games are designed to complement certain entertaining themes. You can also access games with different ball numbers easily.
  • Game Mechanics: Live game number draw outcomes are produced by ball machines, which mix up the numbers and then release random ones through a shoot, on at a time creating a riveting atmosphere in the bingo hall. When playing online, advanced and sophisticated RNG software is used to determine the lucky numbers.

Bingo halls offer a totally unique experience, but the advantages of playing online are evident and make playing the game far more convenient for the average gamer.

Are there different online bingo options?

When playing online, there are several great options available to you to enjoy. While the premise of the game remains the same throughout all variants, a few small things can change here and there to give each game a unique and exciting spin:

  • The Ball Count: As we said earlier, games can be played with various numbers of balls to keep the gameplay unique. Popular game options include:
    • 90-Ball Bingo
    • 80-Ball Bingo
    • 75-Ball Bingo
    • 36-Ball Bingo
  • Themes: As with online slot games, bingo options are often designed to follow certain entertaining themes and narratives. These relate well to bingo players, who can now choose a game to suit their preference or mood. The theme usually translates well through engaging graphics and sounds during the gameplay.
  • Patterns: Be cognizant of winning patterns on your Bingo Cards. While most will award the win for completing a horizontal line of 5 numbers, other lucky patterns may be available in the game too.
  • Prizes: Games are often categorised as high or low stakes games to suit player’s budgets. High-stakes games provide higher rewards. Familiarise yourself with the winning jackpot amount prior to commencing with the action.

The diversity within the bingo segment means that there truly is an exciting game to suit your unique taste. Match up with a suitable game and hope that your Irish luck becomes evident when playing.

What’s the best online bingo game?

Its only natural once you learn how many variants of the game there are, to wonder which is the best bingo game option to play.

Best is a broad term which is subjective at best. It all comes down to your budget and preference. The most popular version of the game is 90-ball bingo, which you will readily find to play online.

How can I play bingo online?

Playing bingo is easy and uncomplicated and involves only two actions from you as the player:

  • Buying Your Cards

When buying your cards, you simply have to decide how many you want to purchase and whether the machine should pick the cards for you, or if you want to pick them yourself. Once you have them, pay attention to the unique win patterns available on the grid.

  • Marking Your Cards

Once the numbers are revealed on the screen, you can mark them off on your cards (where they appear). To ensure you don’t miss any, you can opt to activate the convenient ‘Auto-Dab’ feature. Here, the game will conveniently complete your sheet for you.

  • Win!

When someone has BINGO (grid pattern is completed), a winner becomes evident and the game gameplay concludes. The rules for a specific bingo variant can be found on your individual game interface of choice. The winning credits will be automatically added to your casino balance.

While the game is purely chance-based, there are a few tips that you can implement into your gameplay strategy to make sure that you play optimally:

  • Card Buys: The more cards you buy before a game round starts, the more chance you have of landing BINGO wins.
  • Start Small: Beginners should start with more affordable low-stakes games, where you can play for under €1. Once you are confident, you can move up to more rewarding options.
  • Positive Approach: Always approach the game with a responsible mindset and always play what you can afford. This ensures that your bingo session remains entertaining and fun.

Gambling is a fun pastime. Your positive approach will keep it that way. Always approach bingo as an opportunity for excitement and entertainment and not as a way to win money.

What are the different Bingo calls?

Bingo has a unique and interesting culture of its own. Unique bingo jargon was introduced in mid-20th Century London by using clever little rhymes to develop unique calls that could be heard and understood above a bustling crowd of voices. To become a Bingo pro, it is ideal if you learn these clever number calls. They include:

1. Kelly’s Eye31. Get up and Run61. Baker’s Bun
2. One little duck/Me and You32. Buckle My Shoe62. Turn the Screw/Tickety-Boo
3. Cup of Tea/You and Me33. All the Threes/Dirty Knee63. Tickle Me 63
4. Knock at the Door34. Ask for more64. Red Raw
5. Man Alive35. Jump and Jive Steps65. Old Age Pension
6. Tom Mix/Half a Dozen36. Three Dozen66. Clickety Click
7. Lucky Seven37. More than Eleven67. Stairway to Heaven
8. Garden Gate38. Christmas Cake68. Saving Grace
9. Doctor’s Orders39. 39 Steps69. Favourite of Mine
10. (Prime Minister UK) Den40. Life Begins70. Three Score and Ten
11. Legs Eleven41. Time for Fun71. Bang on the Drum
12. One Dozen42. Winnie the Pooh72. Six Dozen
13. Unluck for Some43. On Your Knees73. Queen Bee
14. The Lawnmower44. Droopy Drawers74. Hit the Floor
15. Young and Keen45. Halfway There75. Strive and Strive
16. Never Been Kissed46. Up to Tricks76. Trombones
17. Dancing Queen47. Four and Seven77. Sunset Strip
18. Coming of Age48. Four Dozen78. 39 More Steps
19. Goodbye Teens49. PC79. One More Time
20. One Score50. Half a Century80. Eight and Blank
21. Key of the Door51. Tweak of the Thumb81. Stop and Run
22. Two Little Ducks52. Danny La Rue82. Straight on Through
23. The Lord is my Shepherd53. Here Comes Herbie/Stuck in a Tree83. Time for Tea
24. Two Dozen54. Clean the Floor84. Seven Dozen
25. Duck n Dive55. Snakes Alive85. Staying Alive
26. Two and Six56. Shotts Bus86. Between the Sticks
27. Duck and Crutch57. Heinz Varieties87. Torquay Devon
28. In a State58. Make them Wait88. Two Fat Ladies
29. Rise and Shine59. Brighton Line89. Nearly There
30. Burlington Burtie60. Five Dozen90. Top of the Shop

How to choose the best online bingo casinos?

Once you know your way around a bingo card, it’s time for you to choose the best Irish-friendly Bingo Casino. At, we have pre-selected some of the best options for you, so that you have a narrow list to choose the top casinos from. We look for the following 3 qualities in the best casinos.

1. Find A Trustworthy Site

There are three ways to discern which sites are the safest and fairest to play at. Look at the:

  • Top Licencing: Top Bingo Casinos are well licensed. The top regulators in this field for the Irish market include the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. The license number can easily be verified on the regulator pages.
  • Top Certification: Because Online Bingo outcomes are managed by RNG software, the casino you are playing at must be certified by top industry auditors like eCogra, TST, or iTechLabs. This guarantees you that the bingo results remain legitimately fair and have not been fixed in any way.
  • Top Security: All the best online casino sites are protected by 128-bit Secure Socket Layer encryption to keep you safe on the site.
  • Responsible Gambling: The best sites promote responsible gambling at every turn and will even offer special tools to help you manage your gambling responsibly.

The above 4 checks are some of the more important points to verify before signing up at a casino site.

2. Find a Site with the Best Benefits

For Irish people, a site that supports payments in Irish currency (Euros) is a must. For this reason, the top Ireland Bingo Casinos offer various Ireland-friendly payment solutions.

3. Find a Site with the Best Benefits

Bonuses and promotions are always a fabulous drawcard for Irish players. Be sure to play at a site that offers a Welcome Bonus or Reload promotion that can be used to play Bingo games. Match Deposit options bolster your bank account and give you additional credits to spend on games.

How do I set up online bingo?

Now that you are equipped to play bingo like a pro, all that’s left is to create your user account and get winning! Starting at the best online casinos is an easy process and won’t take more than a minute or two of your time.

  • Pick your favourite Ireland casino.
  • Register an account at your casino of choice. Go to ‘Join Now’ or ‘Register’ on the homepage of the site to get this process started.
  • Once the form submission is complete and an account is active, you can opt-in on the Bingo-friendly Welcome Bonus on offer.
  • The casino will then forward you to the deposit page, to make your first deposit payment into your casino account. Choose your favourite payment option and release the money.

Once your account reflects a positive balance, you can search for your favourite selection of Bingo Games in the game search bar or scroll to the Bingo games menu to see your options.

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