Playing at Neteller Casinos

Playing games of chance online is not only a great deal of fun but also a profitable pastime where you can win substantial cash prizes.

Whether you are a slot fan or prefer table games, many online casinos go out of their way to ensure you have a wide range of payment options available to make purchasing and cashing out casino credit a breeze.

Neteller is a popular choice for many who are looking for a simple and user-friendly platform to fund their casino account and, because it doesn’t cost anything when it comes to transaction fees and the like, gamers of all ages reap the rewards as they enjoy all the benefits their favourite online casino has on offer!

Who is Neteller?

Launched in 1999, Neteller was originally based in Canada until they moved to the Isle of Man in 2004. This created the ideal platform for them to disrupt the UK and Irish markets and has since become one of the most popular banking methods for online users.

Neteller sits under the Paysafe Group umbrella which also includes Skrill and has refined their services to ensure customer satisfaction through a well-trained support team, efficient processes and seamless navigation.

Classified as a virtual e-wallet, Neteller offers you the opportunity to transfer funds from your bank account into an online card which you can then use to pay for goods and services and play online casino games.

In essence, it is a prepaid service that makes it easy for you to set aside specific funds for online purchases and acts as an effective budgeting tool while also making sure you don’t save your bank or credit card details with vendors who may not have your best interests at heart.

How do I get started with Neteller?

To get started, all you need to do is create a profile with Neteller. The registration process makes use of your email address to send you a unique code which can then be used to make or receive payments.

Once your Neteller profile is activated, all that is left to do is add funds using EFT – which is done free of charge.

  • Mastercard has a transaction fee of between 2.25 – 4.95%. 
  • Visa has a transaction fee of between 1.9 – 4.95%.

It is best for those who don’t have or prefer not to use a credit card and need the means to transfer funds from their accounts safely and securely.

For those looking to make sure that they manage their budget effectively, transferring the amount you have set aside for playing casino games into a separate account is the perfect way to stay within the limit.

If you transfer X funds into your Neteller profile at the start of the month, and only use that as your payment method at your online casino of choice, adding more funds is cause for pause. While the process is easy, it may make you think twice about your gambling budget.

Is it hard to find a Neteller casino?

More and more reputable online casinos are adding banking methods to their platform to ensure that the customer has the choice when it comes to making payment and receiving their winnings.

E-wallets have become especially popular of late given safety and security concerns and punters preferring not to register their credit or debit cards with online service providers.

Finding a casino that accepts Neteller as a payment and withdrawal option is quick and easy. While many online casinos don’t necessarily advertise their banking options and you often need to go looking for the information within the frequently asked questions, we have done the research and published a carefully curated list of Neteller casinos for you to try.

There is no need to go hunting, just check out our recommendations and give them a try today!

What should I look for in a Neteller casino?

We have created a comprehensive resource which details what you should look out for when signing up with a new online casino. Check out how to spot a reputable online casino operator and use these guidelines to research and refine your decisions about which operator deserves your business.

Our recommended Neteller casinos are all licensed, independently audited, encrypted and safe. As long as you stick with our recommendations, you can bet with confidence.

Can I trust Neteller?

Neteller has been a frontrunner in the e-wallet market since 1999 and has an excellent reputation for delivering safe and secure services. By offering Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, all transactions that take place on their site are safe and secure as they keep your personal and financial details away from prying eyes.

Their customer support team who is efficient and helpful is always on hand to answer any questions you may have and go the extra mile to iron out any glitches you may experience.

The system is simple but effective and works exceptionally well for those concerned about online transactions and enjoy this extra layer of protection. As the online vendor only ever receives funds from a prepaid platform where you decide how much is available, there is almost zero risk as you pay for goods and services over the internet.

What are the benefits of using Neteller?

We have already mentioned the safety and security of Neteller and how easy it is for you to secure your details on an encrypted platform where you control the funds available and what gets saved on your online profile.


Purchasing casino credit should be quick and easy as you fund your account to play casino games online. Once you have created your Neteller profile and added it as a payment method on your online casino profile, using this to pay for casino credit can be done within just a few minutes. As the funds transferred into your Neteller profile is confirmed, there are no delays as the money is instantly available.

While EFT payments have always been a preferred payment method for those concerned with security, this service rarely offers immediate access to your funds. Neteller ensures that this time glitch is a thing of the past with immediate approval and instant access to your casino credits.

Transaction fees

Aside from the transaction fees associated with transferring funds from your Mastercard or Visa, punters who use Neteller to move money from their bank account to the e-wallet can transact without paying any fees.

Once the funds are in your Neteller profile, the vast majority of online operators rarely charge you to purchase casino credit.

Purchase and cash out framework

While the minimum purchase and maximum cash out values may differ from one online casino to the next, many operators require a minimum purchase of between €10 and €20 and welcome cash outs of up to €10,000 per transaction.

The timeframe to receive your winnings may differ slightly – many online casinos work within a framework of between 3-7 days to pay out your winnings.

What does the Know Your Customer (KYC) protocol refer to?

Online casinos are required to do what they can to mitigate the chances of fraud and money laundering at their casino. The usual Know Your Customer protocol asks each player to send through a few documents which are used to confirm:

  • Proof of identity
  • Confirmation of address
  • Source of funds

Once these details have been received, your account can be verified which means you can benefit from faster cash-out processes with larger limits.

Neteller is an excellent alternative for players who are looking to enjoy all the benefits of online gaming without ever saving their credit or debit card on their profile. With its easy to navigate, user-friendly site, Neteller makes using e-wallets a breeze as they move funds into a virtual card while gambling responsibly. Now that you have discovered all there is to know about Neteller, you’re all set to create an account and start winning at one of our recommended casinos today.

Neteller FAQs –

Who is Neteller?

How do I get started?

Is it hard to find a Neteller casino?

What should I look for in a Neteller casino?

Can I trust Neteller?

What are the benefits of using Neteller?

What does the Know Your Customer (KYC) protocol refer to?