Live Roulette Rules

As one of the most well-known casino games, Roulette has been made famous by the spy movie franchises among others to ensure that, whether or not you’ve played it yourself, you have a passing understanding of how the game works, if nothing else. Played at a table with a spinning wheel at the top and a board filled with numbers at the bottom, punters aim to predict the pocket in which the ball will come to rest once the wheel stops spinning.

And while land-based casinos still tend to set high stakes buy-ins which only offer the chance to play to those who are financially elite, online casinos have made the game much more accessible to the man on the street which offers excellent opportunities for those looking to win big.

Live Roulette, in particular, is an exciting choice at many online casinos where players have the opportunity to engage directly to the virtual live dealer and engage with fellow players via chat. Thanks to high definition cameras and live streaming, gamblers enjoy all the thrilling ambience of a real-life brick and mortar casino without any of the inconvenience.

Learning how to play live roulette is much easier than you think and, by understanding the rules, will give you the absolute best chance at success as you play the game at one of our recommended reputable online casinos.

What’s the Difference Between American, French and European Roulette?

It is incredibly easy to spot the difference between American and European roulette wheels – simply check to see whether the wheel features just one “0” or whether another pocket is included which is labelled, “00”.

This extra pocket significantly increases the house edge to 5.26% in comparison to the European 1.35% and should be carefully taken into consideration when it comes to choosing as to which variant is most suited to your needs.

French roulette which is played on the European table differs very slightly in the rules but even these are incredibly easy to understand and can offer you an excellent opportunity to walk away with some cash.

How Do I Understand the Rules of European Roulette?

The 0 is the bone of contention in European and French roulette as, when the ball lands in that pocket, the player will need to make a choice.

En Prison

The rule of En Prison allows players to place the same bet in the hopes that the ball will land in a better position after the next spin.

La Partage

Alternatively, they can receive half their stake back and start fresh with the next spin of the wheel.

As long as you understand which choice is going to offer you the best chance at success, the rest of the game remains the same. There is more French terminology in French roulette but the terms amount to the same thing across the board.

What Do the French Terms Mean?

  • Carre: place your bets on the four corners of the table grid
  • Colonne: place your bets by completing a single column
  • En chaval: split your bet over 2 numbers
  • En plein: any single number bet
  • Impair: place your bets on all the odd numbers
  • Manque: place your bets on numbers between 1-18 (low)
  • Noir: place your bets on all the black numbers
  • Pair: place your bets on all the even numbers
  • Passe: place your bets on numbers 19-36 (high)
  • Rouge: place your bets on all the red numbers
  • Sixain: place your bets on any 6 numbers in a line
  • Transversale: place a street bet on a row of 3 numbers

These bets can be placed in the European, French and American variations of roulette too.

What Are the Rules of Roulette?

The rules of roulette couldn’t be more simple to understand. Simply place your bets on the number where you think the ball will land when the wheel comes to rest.

Once the ball has come to rest, the winners receive their prize and the next round begins.

How Do I Play Roulette?

Playing roulette at an online casino is quick and easy. Once you have created your casino account, many casino operators will give you the chance to claim a welcome package as a thank you for registering. Whether this welcome package includes bonus credit for your first deposit or free spins on a new slot game, there is something for everyone to try.

Once you’re all set up and have some casino credit, click to play live casino roulette and place your bets.

Predict the outcome of the round correctly and receive your winnings before placing your next bets.

What Is the Difference Between Inside Bets and Outside Bets?

Aside from the groups of bets, you can place, each group falls into either an inside bet or outside bet category. Outside bets offer you a better chance at a win but have a lower payout. Inside bets are harder to come by but offer a more sizable prize.

Outside bets: red/black, high/low, even/odd, columns and dozens

Inside bets: single number including 0 and 00, split, street, corner, 5 number and 6 number bets

Which Bet in Roulette Is Best?

Given the unpredictability of where the ball will land, strategically selecting a group of numbers you feel will give you the best chance at success can make the game a bit more fun to play. Of course, each number you place a bet on will require its stake which means that careful money management is essential.

Each number has its payout and the more specific you get, the greater the possibility of that life-changing payout:

  • Straight: 0, 00 (when available) or any single number pays 35:1
  • Split: 0, 00 or any adjoining number pays 17:1
  • Street: Any 3 numbers pays 11:1
  • Corner: Any 4 numbers in a block pays 8:1
  • Basket: 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3 pays 6:1
  • Column: Place a bet that covers 12 numbers in a 4 x 3 grid pays 2:1
  • Dozen: Place a bet that covers 12 numbers in a line from top to bottom pays 2:1
  • Red/Black and High/Low: Place bets to cover specific colours or types of numbers pays 1:1

By carefully selecting the game variant of the table to align with your bankroll, you can ensure that your money lasts as long as possible while also giving you the best chance at walking away with a profit.

Which roulette variation is best for me?

Each roulette variation has specific stakes. While land-based casino tables tend to have VIP and high roller areas which limit beginners, online casino stakes also have a wide range to choose from.

Before you start playing, take a close look at how much you can afford to risk and then select the game variation that most closely matches your budget. Gambling should always be fun so err on the side of caution to ensure that you can play for hours on end.

When you look at each roulette variant, European roulette is a popular choice for beginners as La Prison and La Partage gives you the option of recovering your losses on even money bets when the ball drops into the 0 pocket.

How Does Land-Based Roulette Differ From Online Roulette?

The most interesting difference between land-based roulette and the online version is the fact that the chips at the roulette table at brick and mortar casinos have no monetary value anywhere else in the casino.

The dealer sets the chip values per the table limits and players can transact directly at the table at the start of the game. Once they have finished playing, they exchange their roulette chips for casino chips before leaving the table for the casino cashier to redeem them for cash.

Online casino roulette tables are also open and active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week where the land-based counterpart will have specific hours due to the human dealer required to host the game.

How Do I Know the Roulette Game Is Fair?

The only way to stay safe online is to read up about each vendor as much as possible. We have done all the legwork so that you don’t have to and finding a reputable casino operator is a simple matter of checking out our reviews.

By selecting a trustworthy online casino, you can rest assured that not only is the casino business run safely and securely, but the games on offer are regularly tested by an independent 3rd party agency that certifies that they are playing as they should.

Award-winning casino game software developers like Microgaming, NetENT, Evolution Gaming and more are industry leaders when it comes to creating casino games that can be trusted to payout in alignment with the advertised return to player (RTP) offered by each game.

How Do I Select a Reputable Online Casino Operator?

Should you wish to try an online casino that has not yet been reviewed, here are the top 3 elements to look for to ensure when it comes to transacting safely:

  • Licensed: All reputable online casinos are licensed by at least one gaming commission. Licensing information is kept near the bottom of the casino website so it is a matter of just scrolling down to see. The 3 most common online casino licenses are:
  • Independently audited: To qualify for the gambling license, each online casino operator is required to be audited by an independent 3rd party agency. The most popular one is the eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (ECOGRA) and acts as an assurance of quality for new and existing gamers.
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption: This industry-standard encryption assures players that their personal and financial details are kept secure while transacting online. By offering SSL encryption, the casino operator protects its players with bank-level security that keeps important details away from prying eyes and only allows access to the payment gateway for a successful payment transaction.

Live roulette is a great way to practice and hone your skills as you become more confident in predicting where the ball will come to rest. As with all games of chance, the online casino version of roulette makes use of a random number generator to guarantee that the results truly are up to fate as you place your bets to win a life-changing cash prize.

Visit one of our recommended online casinos today to give live casino roulette a try as you make use of the information provided to select your bet placement. Once you have gained confidence, it is only a matter of time before you are rubbing shoulders with high rollers at your local land-based casino for all the excitement and ambience on offer.


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