Money Wheel Games: Live Casino Games for the Masses

Online casino operators have upped their game in recent years by sourcing well-designed live casino games to add value to their catalogue.

Whether listing variations on classic games like slots, blackjack and baccarat or inventing a brand new concept, casino game software developers take things to the next level as they create appealing and entertaining games of chance.

While online casino classics will always be the first choice for many, these recent updates in the Live Casino category have us enthralled. Game show type games will have you predicting the outcome of the round as you place your bet on where the wheel will stop for real money cash prizes.

Live casino games offer all the action, thrills and spills in a live-streamed environment where professional virtual hosts keep you on the edge of your seat.

If you have never played Monopoly Live, Crazy Time, Mega Wheel or Adventures Beyond Wonderland, discover everything you need to know below and give these games a try at your favourite online casino today.

Monopoly Live

As with all money wheel games, the game centres around a wheel of fortune which uses a flapper that points to the winning selection. You start the game by placing your bets to predict where you think the wheel will stop and to which segment the flapper will indicate.

As the money wheel consists of numbers and bonus rounds, you can bet on all the numbers and bonus rounds, should your bankroll allow for your best chance at a win. Given that your stake would be relatively high in that instance, you may find that placing more strategic bets will yield a higher return.

In this game, the bonus round is where this game comes alive with those who bet on and successfully predict that the wheel will yield 2-rolls, 4-rolls or Chance launching a mini-game. While the Chance card immediately awards an instant prize like a multiplier, the other two bonus rounds ask that you roll a pair of dice. The value of the dice roll will send Mr Monopoly marching the equivalent number of steps on the board, with each square securing a predetermined multiplier with a chance of scoring a life-changing sum of money.

Crazy Time

This popular online casino game (often thought of as the original Live Casino money wheel game), has been the starting point for newer variations of late.

Launching the game greets you with the sights and sounds of a TV studio where, through various camera angles and effects, you feel like you are right in the centre of the action.

Once you have placed your bets, the host spins the wheel to determine the outcome as you win 1x, 2x, 5x or 10x your stake, or trigger a bonus round. Crazy Time has four bonus rounds that will have you selecting a symbol from a wall of icons, flipping a coin to score a multiplier or watching your puck make a journey down a vertical wall filled with pegs to determine your prize.

The Crazy Time bonus round, considered the most lucrative round, will require that you pick a colour and spin a wheel to win as much as 20,000x your stake.

Adventures Beyond Wonderland

Themed around the storybook classic, Adventures Beyond Wonderland has a few fantastic bonus rounds where you can unlock multipliers of up to as much as 50x your stake. Place your bets on numbers 1, 2, 5 and 10 or a bonus round to start your winning journey as the virtual host spins the wheel in real-time.

In addition to landing on numbers or bonus rounds, this online casino game may reward you with a random multiplier once you have placed your bets with a caterpillar blowing a bubblegum balloon and assigning the multiplier to a specific segment on the wheel.

Should you trigger the 2 or 5 WonderSpins bonus round, the wheel rotates on its axis to reveal another money wheel – this time the numbers are replaced with storybook characters, each with a specific multiplier. With stunning 3D animation and dynamic sound effects, it’s easy to get swept away with the action as you play the game for hours on end.

Mega Wheel

Mega Wheel by Pragmatic Play has a broader range of numbers for you to place your bets, with each number holding a potential randomly generated multiplier of as much as 500x your stake. Once you have made your selection or chosen to bet on all the numbers, the wheel starts spinning to determine the outcome.

While the game may not hold much in the way of appeal for players who enjoy intricate bonus rounds and mini-games, the simplicity is ideal for those who are new to the online casino game market, offering an excellent insight into the understanding of money wheel games.

When it comes to the Return To Player (RTP) and volatility, these games all hover around the 95% mark but can yield big wins if Lady Luck is on your side. Out of all Live Casino games, these are a great deal of fun and will get your heart racing as each multiplier grows your prize while your fellow players cheer you on!

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